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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Hi All,

My first post is an analysis about my performance in the satellite tournament in Turkey. Satellite tournaments are smaller than World Cups and FIE points are only awarded to the Top 4 places with 4 points awarded to first place. They are good competitions for those who feel that they are not ready for World Cups or need practice beforehand.

I placed 19th, which for me was a disappointing result. I fenced ok in the pools and should have finished in the top 16 at least. At the end of this analysis I have included two bouting exercises that I think will help improve my fencing in some of the areas I identified as an issue in this competition.

Day 1- Pools
5-1 victory over Bell, DEN
5-4 victory over Bunyatova, AZE
5-3 defeat against Acar, TUR
5-2 victory over Incekara, TUR
5-4 defeat against Cheung, SIN

Technical Analysis:
Need to finish attacks properly and move off engarde line earlier.
When I lose hits in defence it is because I am unbalanced and too far away.

Felt rested and was fired up at the start but I lot focus during the pools.

Day 2- Round of 32
15-13 defeat against Lee, SIN

Technical Analysis:
Did not feel that I could trust my attack and its length.
Still not close enough in defence to stop an attack.
I was not fired up at all. I was trying to relax too much and ended up focusing on technique and not pushing myself. In the end it resulted in me hesitating in going for hits.

Technically- I need to start earlier off the engarde line and improve the length of my attack. In defence I need to work on being closer to getting someone to finish their attack.
Mentally- I need to be able to trust my offensive actions. I need to learn when to fire up as in the past I have been more about relaxing.
Exercises to practice:
-Every hit in a 5 touch match is different
-You have to get four hits in a row to win the match.
To finish this post, I would like to add to each blog a handy hint for travel and what my favourite thing has been so far.
Handy hint: Use a filter bottle. If you are unsure about water quality this will allow you to drink tap water. I use a Bobble bottle which are easily purchased at major supermarkets.
Favourite thing so far: The fact that there was Doner kebab everywhere in Istanbul. Of course my favourite thing is food :)
My next post should be in a couple of weeks about coaching at Junior World Cup, stay tuned!

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